Greetings, my hairless friends! Delighted I am to write this new Blarrrggg!

Sounded like a short friend of mine named Yoda… Maybe you have heard of him. He may be short but that guy can fight, not even a stubborn Wookiee like myself would mess with him! Anyways! On this edition of the Chewy Approved Podcast, I will be discussing two of my favorite podcasts-The Tech Reformation Podcast and Apologia Radio!

This week as I listened to the Tech Reformation’s most recent EP, they discussed a topic that led to some Presuppositional Apologetics’ type discussion. This made me think of one of my favorite EP of Apologia from back in the day when they had Sye Ten on to talk with an atheist. (“DO THE SYE TEN, DO THE SYE TEN!) Oh, sorry, just got that Bridge B song stuck in my head! Anyways, that will be the subject of this Blarrrggg. We will talk about the podcasts over all, and then we will talk about those particular EPs. I sense if you have read my previous Blarrrgggs you see a pattern forming!

tech-reformation-logoThe Tech Reformation

Tech Reformation: 030: The Trouble With Transporters
When I think of a podcast that is both awesome in its content and in its presentation, I think of Tech Reformation! I would not be surprised if they utilized the services of some seasoned professionals amongst their team of podcast editors to give their podcast its distinctive presentation and polish. Not only do they take on the challenge of having four hosts, they nail it. Also, their use of epic tech music in between each segment is awesome. As far as their content goes, it is great. They talk tech in a very well informed manner which tells me these guys know their tech. I am a big tech Wookiee, I enjoy messing with gadgets and what not. That is why I sometimes get in trouble for messing around with the hyper drive… Arrgghhhh Yarrrghhh! This pod is also really good at making you think, They talk about tech from a Biblical worldview, and grapple with stuff that most people never think about. I am weekly looking up apps to try what they have suggested and thinking deeply about how tech affects my daily life-all thanks to this pod. If you are looking to get techy and biblically savvy, then The Tech Reformation is for you!

Now on to their recent EP called The Trouble with Transporters.

They talk transporters… You know for the Trekkie people. They wrestle with a concept a video brings up that addresses issues of what happens when someone is transported from one point to another. How when they transport, it actually kills a person and copies them at the arrival of their desired destination. At least in theory. So you have to wrestle with things like the soul and such… For example, if the transporter disintegrates your body and copies it at the final destination, does it also disintegrate and recreate the soul of the person being transported? The video, of course, presupposes that there is no soul involved-most likely an atheist. But from our Christian worldview, how do we wrestle with this? We believe that some technology of this kind will most likely never happen. But one who likes wrestling with such things will enjoy this EP. They go way deeper then that and wrestle a lot more than I do here, but what an Mmmhhh Yarrrghhh excellent thing to think about, eh?

So they talk a lot about Presuppositional Apologetics which is a fairly new concept for me. I first heard of that idea from a noble Ninja, a Local Bear, and a Girl which leads us onward towards our next Podcast! Yarrrghhhh!

apologia-radioApologia Radio

I remember the day I first listened to Apologia. I was walking down the hall of the Falcon, headphones in, laughing my hair off, and then, suddenly, being deeply convicted, all at the same time. Jeff and the crew have a way of making you think deeply about things, and making you laugh so hard when they just goof off. Like when Jeff does his prank call in his Mortimore voice! Arrrrghhh that is some funny stuff! Anyways, I love this podcast. I have learned a good deal about theology and such from it. The biggest being Presuppositional Apologetics. Or, as they call it, dat presupp doh… Which in turn introduced to me to fellas like Sye Ten Bruggencate, Greg Bahnsen, and James White… I know what you’re thinking. You have never heard of James White! Well, not till Apologia… So err ya… I enjoy this show a good deal. I still wrestle with their stances on theonomy, and some of their eschatology views, mostly based on my ignorance. All in all this podcast is deeply encouraging and edifying. They put a huge desire and conviction in me regarding abortion as well. You all should listen! Yarrrrghhh!

Now on to one of their, I believe, most listened EP, Answering the Fool. If you are new to the idea of Presupp, you will get a good deal out of this EP. It does very well at giving you a hands on lesson on what Presuppositional Apologetics is. They talk about its biblical grounding, in other words, how as Christians we need to stand on our worldview rather than stepping into, say, an atheist’s worldview. We as Christians believe in a God who created all things and revealed all things to his creatures (Rom. 1). So the point of going Presupp is to stand firm on the fact that because God is behind our creation, he is behind reason, logic, morality, without God you have no justifiable reason for any of it. So when discussing, in a robust way if you wish too, you discuss with that as your foundation. It really helped me a lot in understanding how to talk to people in a lot of different areas. Asking questions like, “What are you standing on?” “What is your reasoning for believing that?” Also, having people define terms and such-all and all this EP is a fantastic resource that I will probably listen to again and again. Apologia, you all Rock! ARRRGHHHH!


after-the-sermon-graphicI have enjoyed this Blarrrggg! I also want you to know that in the near future I will be talking about this on the awesome Podcast-After The Sermon. So be looking out for that coming out soon! If you have any thoughts or such, maybe I don’t know what I am talking about and such, let me know! Here is my email: calvinist.chewbacca@gmail.com.


Here is a link to an awesome Presupp song by Bridge B. https://youtu.be/88dXG7ZTZC4

Check it out!

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