Chewy Approved Podcast: Mini Blarrrggg (Sermon Reco)

Hello all!!! Yargghhh!

This will be a short post and not be in the usual format that I usually write in. But I wanted to recommend this “l’il” sermon series to you all! It’s called Begging for God. It is a group of sermons loosely based on prayers from the Valley of Vision. I was very encouraged by it. It talks about our need of God to fall more in love with and desire God.

I was most encouraged by the sermon called Desires. The sermon talks about how God commands us to love him with all our heart, soul, and strength, but how we can’t do that. That it is impossible without our desires being changed. And in comes the saving Gospel—how God changes our desires, how he takes out our heart of stone, and replaces it with a heart of flesh. We change. We become a people who now long for God and his ways. But he makes us wait, he has us suffer so we long for him more, and endure through it that we might taste and see his goodness. I really was encouraged by this sermon. I am an easily entertained and selfish person. But God has worked in me and worked in me and given me new desires and now has given me desires for more of him and less of me. Which of course will be a lifelong pursuit but a pursuit well worth the endurance.

So check out the series and give it a listen. I have listened a few times and will probably listen a few more.

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Hello all!

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