Chewy Approved Podcast: The Phantom Blarrrggg!


I know what you’re thinking… Why would this supposedly cool Wookiee use the title of the worst Star Wars flick as a part of his Blarrrggg title? Well, mostly because I can, but also I don’t think it was an all bad movie… I mean the worst part was that weird Jar Jar guy. But I thought it was an okay movie otherwise. I mean guys—Liam Neeson! Need I say more… Arrrgghhhh Rawwrrrr!

So welcome to another edition of the Chewy Approved Podcast Blarrrggg!!!

This time, we will be talking about an excellent podcast that discusses abortion as well as another epic podcast that gives you a glimpse into the past of our church history.

Buckle up and start up your pod racers! Here we GO! AARRGGGHHHHHGGGGHHH!!!

FPPThe Fetal Position Podcast!

The topic of abortion is a sensitive one. I have seen many folks, on both side of the issue, get very defensive and angry when discussing this topic. I have been one of those angry people. I even tore a Stormtroopers’ arm off over it once. Don’t worry he got better!

Part of the problem these days is people are ignorant about a lot of things. People on the pro-life and the pro-choice side are unwilling to really engage and understand the issue. They would rather spout what other folks say, without really understanding it. We live in a time where pro-life people have forgotten their mission to make abortion illegal and have settled, or people use their pro-abortion stance merely for political reasons. They don’t really care either way about the life of the mother and the human person growing inside her.

This is where the Fetal Position Podcast comes into play. This podcast looks to engage your brain and help you to think through and understand the issues better. The host, Elijiah Thompson, is a well-educated brother who knows his subject and helps you to think through and understand the issues well. If you want to know how to argue and engage intelligently when it comes to the issue of abortion, the Fetal Position is the pod for you.

In this particular EP, Elijiah discusses the difference between birth control and contraception. It is a great convo to have and understand. If you are a young married person, or about to be married and wonder how to handle the contraception issue, or whether you should use birth control or not, I think you will enjoy this EP.

I have mad respect for this fella for talking about this issue and pray God uses The Fetal Position to help people see the need to end abortion.  

5 min C H5 Minutes In Church History

The Church has a rich and epic history. Did you know that a Reformation started over a sausage dinner!? Talk about God using delicious meats to stir folks and bring reformation to his church! He worketh in mysterious ways, they say… The beauty of our looking back on the history of the Church is that it helps us to see God moving in history—watching the King of kings’ plan unfold in history, and it shows us what works and what doesn’t. We can learn so much from the past.

Do you have an itch to listen to a podcast and don’t have an hour, but only five minutes to spare? Well, 5 Minutes in Church History is the Pod for you! Host Stephen Nichols takes five epic minutes and takes you into the past to learn about the history of the Church. From the early church to the Reformation and beyond, Stephen talks about the history of the church. It is encouraging and Stephen is an excellent storyteller who holds your attention. This Pod is awesome and will help you learn about history in an engaging way. I recommend it to anyone.

You want to learn about the past? 5 Minutes in Church History is the Pod for you!

In this EP, Stephen explains the significance of the Reformation and why it matters. Why Luther’s posting a thesis on a church door was a big deal, and how that changed history for the church. I think you will really enjoy it, people.

AARRRGGHHHH YARRRGGHHHHH! Sorry…. Stubbed my toe. You think legos hurt, try stepping on a MAWRHGGH.. Its a pointy lego for little wookiee children, it hurts!

Thanks for joining me for another Chewy Approved Podcast Blarrrggg!!

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