Is the Shroud of Turin Legit? Mark Antonacci on CD Speak UP!

Join us on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! as host Scott McCausey brings in Mark Antonacci to discuss the evidence of Jesus Christ.

Mark Antonacci is an attorney and author who has studied all aspects of the Shroud for the past 34 years. He wrote The Resurrection of the Shroud (New York: M. Evans and Co., 2000), the most comprehensive book ever written on the Shroud until his landmark book, Test the Shroud, was published in 2015.

Mark gave the keynote address at the international conference held in Italy in conjunction with the Shroud’s exhibition in 2010 in which he proposed that a new series of sophisticated, minimally-invasive tests be performed on the Shroud at the atomic and molecular levels of this famous burial cloth. He has written the leading scientific hypothesis that not only explains the Shroud’s body images, but also its radiocarbon dating, its excellent condition, its pristine human blood marks, their still-red coloration, the possible outer side imaging, coin features and flower images, skeletal features, and all of its other unique features.

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Photo by John Mosbaugh via Flickr

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