Chewy Approved Podcast: Blarrrggg Pod List

Chewy Approved Podcast:


So I decided arrrggghhhhh to post an updated list of Podcasts I like and such!

I will also provide a Overcast link to them since I am also a big Overcast user…. It yarrerghhhhhh rocks!


So without further ado I bring you the updated #ChewyApprovedPodcast


  • 5 Minutes in Church History


  • After the Sermon


  • Alpha and Omega Ministries


  • Apologia Radio


  • The Bible Project


  • Bible Thumping Wingnut


  • The Briefing


  • Calvinist Batman


  • Coram Deo


  • The Fetal Position


  • Fighting For the Faith


  • Grace Alone Podcast


  • Gut Check Podcast


  • The Happy Rant Podcast


  • Helvetic: A Podcast


  • Mortification of Spin


  • The Ordinary Pastor Podcast


  • Popcorn Theology


  • Practical Preaching Podcast


  • The Reformed Gamers


  • The Reformed Pubcast


  • Reformers Radio


  • Regular Reformed Guys


  • The Rugged Marriage


  • The Sinners League


  • Spurgeon Audio


  • Systematic Star Files


  • Tech Reformation


  • These Go To 11


  • When We Understand the Text


  • White Horse Inn


There you go folks!!! Yarrrgghhhhh areerghghhhh


If u would like to join the ranks….. Or the list…. I am down for checking out new Podcasts!!!


I am encouraged by people who read and listen on a account of my little hashtag.


Blessings all!!!!

Mmmmhhhhh yarrrrhhhhhhjj!