The Anon Church: The Foundations

Once upon a time, there were a bunch of individual Church Anons. They were scattered and disjointed, and everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Okay, enough with the tom-foolery.

xiansatiristHonestly, The Xian Satirist has long been a uniter and not a divider. He saw a multitude of Church Anons in the Twittersphere, but there was no sense of cohesion—no real camaraderie that linked people together. He had a dream—a dream that all Church Anons could unite together with one voice and one purpose—to mock that which is ridiculous that we could not mock in real life without fear of repercussion.

The early days of The Anon Church were lonely for The Xian Satirist. He created a twelve month calendar that highlighted different Anons. He spent several months compiling an e-newsletter designed to bring people into a better understanding of the Church Anon community. These resources can still be found somewhere at

bitterpastorThen came…The Bitter Pastor.

The Bitter Pastor reached out to The Xian Satirist with an idea—a concept for a unified Church Anon community under the banner of “The Anon Church” (or TAC, as we affectionately refer to it). It started out as a Twitter account. Then came the Church Anon blog with a dozen writers. More and more people (with an UNUSUALLY large amount of Calvinists) kept pouring into The Anon Church. Many of us share similar stories of being misunderstood by the mainstream church or needing to vent against some ridiculous Xian junk that pervades the Universal Church.

As zeal for TAC began to wane a bit, we encountered a new force—Theology Mix. ThM reinvigorated our church membership and our church leadership.


Our goal remains the same—to be a uniting force for the Church Anon community.

No, we’re not a real church. There’s no real membership. We’re a loose association of Xians from around the world. Our theology is not uniform. Our customs differ. But we share one unchanging truth: we have a deep love and commitment to Jesus as the Lord and Savior of the world.

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