Chewy Approved Podcast: The Blarrrggg Strikes Back

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Once upon a time… Mindless consumers consumed things in a consumeristic fashion. Consuming and consuming, mindlessly I might add!! There seemed to be no hope! All around people watched and watched without thinking the whys and the oughts… They took in and didn’t think about what they saw, no deep thinking, no dialogue, or debating, just mindless nods and heads shaking. What a perilous tale and who should arise without apology but two podcasts, Systematic Star Files and Popcorn Theology!

Arrgghhh! I won’t lie that last rhythm took me some time… Ha! I did it again! Arrgghh Yargghh! Anyways, on this edition of The Chewy Approved Podcast we will be talking about two podcasts who talk well about how we as Christians should think about media, and how to engage media from a biblical worldview. Mostly in the form of TV shows and movies. So grab your popcorn, set your phasers to stun, engage your minds, and let’s have some fun!

79011(1)Systematic Star Files!

Systematic Star Files: #14: We Are Flukie

This Podcast impresses me! To be straight with you, I am not a huge Trekkie… I do love the old show! I do like the new movies… Rrrr… kinda. And I like me some X Files, but it has been many moons since I watched it. But what I love about this Podcast is that they give a most entertaining descriptions of both shows. So if you’re not a big fan of either show, it doesn’t matter you can still get a lot out of this Podcast. After they talk a particular EP, they pull out the worldview, or point out the major themes of the episode, and then put on their biblical goggles and discuss away! I can’t tell you how humbled and encouraged I have been listening to them talk about the Lord and his goodness and grace, or any of his attributes and how it relates to an episode of Star Trek or X Files! I know it sounds kinda crazy but they do and it will edify and encourage you dude! Err… Or dudette…

So give these brothers a listen! Remember the Wookiee knows best… Well the Wookiee always wins anyways… Arrgghhh Yarrrgghhh!

In this particular EP, they discuss an EP of The X-Files where they take on the Fluke worm man guy monster thing!!! Sounds scary I know! That awesome description of the episode leads to a great discussion on obedience and finding your joy in the Lord! It is a most excellent EP indeed!

On to the popcorn! Yarrrghhh Arrghhh!

Popcorn Theology(1)Popcorn Theology: 27: Star Wars

Theology and Popcorn…. It goes together like… Well… Theology and Popcorn! I enjoy movies… And entertainment. When I’m not off saving the galaxy with my sidekick… Well, you know… I enjoy sitting back and enjoying me a good movie… Or binging on my favorite Netflix series! What I have learned is that there is so much to be discussed when one watches a movie… I will confess… I was a mindless consumer. But then I started listening to PT (That’s Popcorn Theology for those who are wondering). These two guys get together and talk about movies or a TV series they recently watched spanning almost every genre, action, comedy, drama, and even horror! (They did their first horror film with Joe Freakin Thorn, it was great!) Anyway, they do a great job of pulling out the worldview and discussing it, or seeing the Christian worldview in a film. And then they will talk and discuss what they pulled out of the movie and encourage you in the Lord with it. They are good at seeing stuff in films you wouldn’t normally think to see in a movie, thus making you a not mindless consumer! Does that work? Ya… We will run with that! They podcast to create not mindless consumers!

Check out this podcast! The least you can do is skim through there EPs and see if they discuss a movie or show you like! They do a great job, fo sho!

The specific EP I am going to talk with you is when they talked about Star Wars!! I mean really are you yarrrgghhhh arrrghhhhh arrrr surprised???

So in this EP they sit down and discuss Star Wars in preparation for, at the time they recorded, the upcoming Force Awakens movie. They play trivia to see who knows more Star Wars. They discuss some of their favorite moments in Star Wars. They talk about how their favorite episodes are the prequels…. Harggghhh! Just messing with you! Wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Though they did give the prequels the cred they deserve. Which isn’t a whole lot but, hey, it’s a Star Wars movie so they get a little bit. They also have a good discuss on the worldview of Star Wars and such!

This show is awesome and I think you will really enjoy it folks!!

In Conclusion

These two Podcasts to an excellent job of discussing movies and tv shows and make you think about what you’re watching!! Awesome stuff!!!

Warrgghhhhh arrgghhh yarrggghhhh!!!!!!

In the Next Blarrrggg, I will discuss…

(See what I did there leaving you hanging, no resolution. Just you know leaving you hanging at the end there…)

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Mmmmmmhhhhhh yarrrrggghhhhh!

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