Watching the news and observing the state of things has brought Romans 1 to mind for many, myself included. This sermon on Romans 1:21 uncovers the root of man’s sin and rebellion: refusal to honor God as God, and therefore, ingratitude towards God in all things.

This is an opportunity for believers everywhere to look at their own thoughts and hold them up to Scripture: Are we truly honoring God and worshiping him? Are we grateful as those who own their existence and salvation to his good will and gracious hand? It calls those who have not turned to Christ to recognize that, apart from Jesus, they stand on a broken, decaying foundation and need to repent and believe.

I am asking for some audience participation for an upcoming episode in light of this one. I would like to hear about your stories of finding that gratitude in the work of God. What have you experienced? What has the Holy Spirit opened your eyes to in your life, as you have grown in the grace and knowledge of God?  Please email me at and share your stories.

Recommendation from this week: The works of Francis Schaeffer, especially his book The God Who is There. Read it!
Photo by Pete unseth via Wikipedia