Loving Evil and Hating Good: Guns, Religion, and Hatred are Good


We kick Episode 48 off with a sermon clip from Pastor George Grant. This clip was provided by Christ Ragsdale in the Tech Reformation slack group. To listen to this entire sermon go here.

For our first episode, I take look at the Harambe gorilla incident and encourage listeners to find a balanced approached to dealing with issues related to both human life and animal life. I also recco Episode 06 of After the Sermon and my discussion on Cecil the Lion and why there is a place for loving and protecting animal life, just not in place of human life.

For our next appetizer, we continue our series on “The Best Presidential Candidates” as we talk about the best and worst candidates on protecting the Second Amendment right to bear arms. A timely discussion in light of the Orlando shooting.

For our main topic, I discuss the philosophy behind the Orlando shooting and suggest that the real problem in the U.S. is not guns, religion, or a particular emotion, but rather a warped morality stemming from a broken worldview. This leads to a people that are emotionally, morally, and technically ill-equipped to respond to evil when it emerges in this way.

Ultimately, I argue that we need to find the proper places for hatred, guns, and religion in our society so that we can use these tools for Good to stop those who would use them for evil.


Photo by kyle stauffer via Flickr

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