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Spurgeon Audio is Dave Seip and Jon Ladner. Dave Seip lives in Denton, Texas. Great modern preachers like John Piper and Matt Chandler were used by God to preach truth and lead him into maturity, and it is his desire to take the words of another man used mightily by God, Charles H. Spurgeon, and give him a sermon podcast stream alongside those in the hope that they will go on to bear fruit in the ears of others. Visit his blog at: http://davethehedonist.blogspot.com. Jon Ladner lives in Denton, TX with his wife, Rachel. He is a high school English teacher, a writer, a musician, and he has been doing audio production in varying capacities for several years. Through the Spurgeon Audio Podcast, he enjoys digging into the compelling writings of Charles Spurgeon. Visit his blog at jonladnertheturingtest.blogspot.com. Follow them on Twitter at @SpurgeonAudio, on Facebook at Facebook at Spurgeon Audio, or visit their website at https://spurgeonaudio.org.