In Episode 25, we kick things off with some clips from sermons from Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. We need to remember that apart from Christ we are nothing and it is only because of Christ that we are anything.

For our appetizers, we take a moment to look at Rand Paul’s near miss of Tuesday’s Presidential debate which ultimately played out in his favor. We also discuss President Barack Obama’s decision to go into the wild with Bear Grylls. Does it seem like he’s trying to prove his manhood to the nation?

In our Podcast World segment, we give shout out to the DA Reformer and his new podcast “Reformers Radio.” We also discuss upcoming episodes from Theology Mixer radio and encourage folks to check out the Theology Mix Podcast Network.

In our Theology Mix feature, we touch on two of my most recent articles. The first, “I Have Looked into Her Eyes” is the recounting of one of my visits to the abortion clinic. The second, “Can We Have Our Liberty Cake and Eat it, Too?” discusses Donald Trump’s recent comments related to refugees and Russell Moore’s subsequent response.

For our main topic, we take a look at 2 Corinthians 7 and the importance of finding joy in repentance. Paul sent his first letter to the Corinthians and, admittedly, regretted the inevitable sorrow that he knew would ensue. However, he did not regret that this brief sorrow led to repentance and further zeal for Christ. In our social media interactions, we seem to have reversed this attitude of Paul’s. We seem to be giddy to bring people shame and sorrow, and not all that excited for repentance.

Ultimately, I ask the listeners to join me in reforming our social media presence by applying Ephesians 5 to our interactions.

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