What in the world do dementia and Jiffy Pop Popcorn have in common? As I have mentioned in the past, my world revolves around dementia. I have discovered there are few events in my life that don’t relate, in some form or fashion, to dementia or dementia caregiving. A recent sermon by a wonderful minister, Reverend Dolores Williams, really made me think. She used the mental picture of Jiffy Pop Popcorn.

Her sermon talked about God’s blessings and how abundant they are in our lives. They are everywhere all the time. They are happening when we realize it. They are happening when we don’t realize it. They POP, POP, POP all around us and for our benefit. She compared this to Jiffy Pop. When you place that pan on the stove, turn on the heat, start moving the pan left and right, you will soon hear POP, POP, POP. Popcorn kernels are bursting forth into wonderful white, fluffy (soon to be buttered and salted) morsels of get-caught-between-your-teeth goodness. GOOD STUFF!

God places blessings in our life in great abundance. When you are caregiving, you can become mired in the depths of cleaning, wiping, cooking, transferring, answering the same question repeatedly, hearing the same story again and again, and the thousands of other tasks each day requires. However, and this is when you need to breathe deeply, God’s blessings are still POP, POP, POPPING all around us.

Take a moment to remove yourself from the situation. Find a rock outside to sit on and meditate. Take a hot shower and cry away your problems. Most importantly, talk to God. Yell at Him, if it makes you feel better. Then think…think about all HIS blessings upon your life. They are like Jiffy Pop—POP, POP, POP!

Hope that gives you Something to Ponder.

Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh

A little girl, dressed in her best Sunday dress, was late for Sunday School, so she began to run and pray, “Please, God, help me get to Sunday School on time.”

She continued to run and pray and then fell. She got up, dusted herself off, inspected her soiled dress and began to run and pray again. “Please, God, help me get to Sunday School on time.” Then she added, “But don’t push me this time.”

Sometimes, You’ve Just Got to Laugh!