After the Sermon: Episode 13 – More Kim Davis, The Constitution, Fighting for Justice, and Full GOP Presidential Debate Rundown


We kick things off with a sermon clip from Lamentations 5. If we cannot embrace the God of Lamentations, then we cannot embrace the God of the Bible. We need more Christians to start understanding what’s going on in Lamentations so they can properly affirm who God is and what God does.

Next we take a voicemail from second time caller Jerome Danner. He has some questions about opportunities that he has to preach. We try to give him some good advice as he looks to serve Christ with these new opportunities.

From the podcast world, we take some good advice from Episode 419 of the “Podcast Answer-man” and stop doing housecleaning items at the beginning of the show.

Then we turn our attention to the Drunk Ex-Pastors, Episode 63, as they respond to After the Sermon, Episode 11. We touch on some minor misunderstandings, and then discuss the bigger issue of how laws are made in this country and whether or not Kim Davis is actually following “the law.” To do this, we take a look at a clip from JD Hall’s Pulpit and Pen where he discusses the relationship between the 6th and 10th Amendments and how the 10th Amendment restricts the federal government from entering into realms that are not explicitly laid out in the Constitution… Such as marriage.

As we turn to our Theology features, we stay on topic and discuss an article from Eric Johnson called Jesus, Kim Davis, and the Church in ‘Merica. I discuss some of the issues with his view of not “fighting for rights” as we look at the apostle Paul’s willingness to claim his Roman citizenship to protect him from being whipped or beaten. We also explain that the battle is not for “our rights,” but rather for “what is right.” While we are not called to fight for our rights, we are called to stand up for what is right, and in this case the government is wrong.

For our main topic, we take a look at the three funniest moments of the CNN GOP Presidential Debate. Then we take a look at what I consider to be the top three moments of the debate. Finally, I give a full rundown of all eleven candidates and who I think was a winner and a loser, as a result of this debate.

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