Question of the Week: Divorce and Remarriage

This is a fairly sensitive subject: Divorce and Remarriage. It’s a situation that touches just about every family and every church. The Bible has some very strong things to say, and there is a wide range of differing opinions among believers on this subject. All of these views and opinions are valid for people to take into account, but it is important to keep in mind that the decision they make is between those who are in a relationship, so if they want to check out a divorce lawyer in Denver CO or ones closer to their location, then they should be able to do so. The church will always play a part in their lives, but they are individuals who need to think this through properly. To help this discussion along, let’s split this into a few parts.

  1. What is your view of divorce? In what situations is divorce allowable? What about situations involving physical, mental, or verbal abuse?

  2. What is your view of remarriage? Is remarriage ever okay? If so, in what situations and why? What about an individual who was divorced as an unbeliever, became a believer, and now wants to remarry? What if a couple divorces and, ten years later, they want to get remarried?

  3. How does divorce and remarriage affect church life? Should divorced or remarried individuals be permitted to serve in leadership capacities? If so, in what situations.

  4. Finally, and more personal, what experiences (good or bad) have you encountered relating to divorce, remarriage, your family, and your church?

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