Scott Rowley

I Am Right Or Am I?

We have an appetite for being right. We have strong desires to fulfill feelings. Philipp Melanchthon explained these cravings as love, hate, hope, fear, sadness...

Our Church Is Like a Lawn

When I first moved into my house I had a pure fescue lawn. It was thick and beautiful. Over the years, the lawn developed problems. It would rust in the winter....

Aging Ministry

As an introduction to this ministry, I would like to give you a brief outline of what my ministry area involves. In following posts, I will build on different p...
Scott Rowley

Scott Rowley

Scott Rowley is a Lutheran Lay Minister serving in Senior Adult Ministry. Scott holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Asian Philosophy from San Jose State University. He received his Masters of Arts Degree in Old Testament from Fresno Pacific University Biblical Seminary (previously Fresno Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary). He is described as an Old Testament Theologian.