Question of the Month: Removing Our Stickers

As we move towards spring I have been looking at the beauty of my yard. I will soon have to harvest all the wild vegetation and put into compost, except the stickers and thorns. They go to the county compost pile. As I pulled the stickers I was thinking how we tend to miss the stickers in our own yard and notice how other people are not taking care of their yards.

If I do not pull out the stickers they will hurt my grandchildren and my kid’s dogs. The yard will become a place to avoid rather than enjoy.

How did the stickers get into my yard? Simply, it is part of God’s creation. The birds eat the sticker seeds from other locations and drop the digested seeds in my yard.

What are the stickers in our life? Stickers in our life are things that bring hurt, misunderstanding, fighting, and many other problems. Isaiah 5:6a tells what will happen if we remove God from our life, “I will make it a waste; it shall not be pruned or hoed, and briers and thorns shall grow up…”

So how does one avoid the stickers and bring God back into their life?

What stickers was Christ sent here to remove?