Dementia and Noise

Life has been stressful these last ten days. My kitchen flooded. That started a series of events that I am still in the middle of resolving, but the stress has been more than I expected. What has really amazed me has been my response to noise.

My husband and I share our house with our cat and dog, and our house is most always quiet.






And then the great flood of 2015 hit my kitchen, and all those things went away. I have come to realize that what I was most disturbed over was the noise that came with clean up.

We were serviced by a wonderful water restoration company, and they quickly installed five fans and one dehumidifier in the kitchen. I was shocked as to how loud these machines were. It has taken seven days for the machines to leave my home, and I am now sitting in total silence. It is a beautiful thing. All the noise left me tense and agitated. It has not been fun.

This noise problem made me think about my friends and family with dementia. When dementia becomes part of the equation, the senses can be heightened and become irritated quite quickly. Sometimes we pick up on clues as to what might have brought about the irritation, and sometimes we are left clueless. Being responsive to the change in our loved one in a kind manner is what makes the difference.

Momma, who has mid-stage Alzheimer’s, will experience a quick mood shift when her environment gets loud. She does not handle commotion well. We avoid these situations at all cost. Momma’s peace of mind is more important than any situation we may encounter. If we have to make a quick departure, so be it. If we need to decline an invitation, we do so. Whatever is necessary to help Momma is our goal.

All the drying machines have left my home, and I sit here thinking about how much I am enjoying the silence. It made me think of the song The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Click below and you can enjoy this song, too!

Hope that gives you Something to Ponder.

Carol Howell
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