Hope for the Journey

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Father to 7. Husband to 1. Podcaster of Hope. Kevin has been married to Heather for going on 21 years and is father to Jeremiah, Tiffany, Danielle, Rachel, Elisabeth, Malachi and Amelia Joy. He spent over 15 years in student ministry before finding himself in the fight of his life for his own son. After discovering their son was addicted to meth, Kevin and Heather felt a lot of things: fear, shame, doubt, anger and most of all alone. However, as they shared their story, they found many people who were secretly going through the same struggle as well. This gave birth to the Hope for the Journey blog which was geared at giving encouragement and hope in Christ for parents of prodigals as well as practical advice and prayer. The blog quickly grew in the a podcast of the same name where Kevin partnered with friends and fellow ministers David Skinner and Nick Jenkins to be a prodigal podcast serving up prodigal hope with “a little levity and a lot of hope.” Kevin has also written a book “Hope for the Journey” which shares his family’s testimony of God’s faithfulness through this Journey. Click here to check out Kevin’s testimony of God’s work in his son and family.