Clue #1 – Easy first clue! Who’s a favourite Anon who loves blue and has 1,000s followers?
A. Bitter Blue Betty (@BitterBlueBetty).

Clue #2 – Ask @TheAnonChurch who their newest Anon follower is.
A. Sara Marie DeJesus (@Still_octopus).

Clue #3 – Tweet us a pic of your favourite Bible verse.
A. Various.

Clue #4 – Tweet at him and ask him about his anger problem!! He could be sleeping!!
A. Calvinist Hulk (@HulkCalvinist).

Clue #5 – Who are the ThM founders?
A. Winning answer: “Three STUNNING and BRILLIANT women!” from Calvinist Supermommy (@5pointsupermom).

Clue #6 – Tweet at this Anon, “You’re so hip, you probably think this foreordained tweet is about you.”
A. Calvinist Hipster (@CalvinHipster).

Clue #7 – Ask The Bitter Pastor who makes him so bitter?
A. Not only does Pastor’s Wife 2020 (@pastorswife2020) make him so very bored, but also so bitter.

Clue # 8 – Take a pic of a church door and tweet it at us.
A. Aaron Jeffries (@ChurchHusher).

Clue #9 – Who are TAC’s founders?
A. The Xian Satirist (@TheXianSatirist) and The Bitter Pastor (@TheBitterPastor).

Clue #10 – Be creative, take a #selfie with @TheXianSatirist and tweet it back to us!
A. Kudos to Calvinist Hawkeye (@calvinsthawkeye) and Calvinist Supermommy (@5pointsupermom).

Clue #11 – Say Hello to the Bad guy!!
A. Lex Lutheran (@lex_lutheran).

Clue #12 – He’s like a rainbow or he likes rainbows!
A. The one and only Mr. Universalism (@MrUniversalism).

Clue #13 – She loves Tulips…Tweet at her and her “Agent” man!!
A. Calvinist Supermommy (@5pointsupermom) and Calvinist Coulson (@XpCoulson).

Clue #14 – This beautiful, fiery Islander just had a fight with @VaderCalvinist – left him crying.
A. Calvinist Wonder Woman (@CalvnWndrWoman).

Clue #15 – Tweet at “irreverent, impertinent, audacious, dulcet-toned, whimsical…uhm…adorable…”
A. Of course, the high maintenance, highly hard to handle, Pastor’s Wife 2020 (@pastorswife20200).


WINNER: Calvinist Supermommy (@5pointsupermom)!! Prize: $15 Starbucks’ Gift Certificate and something from the land of the Reformation!

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Aaron Jeffries (@churchhusher) The TAC Door and Calvinist Hawkeye (#calvinisthawkeye) Selfie (and because some of the Admins like Jeremy Renner)!