Advent: A Five-Part Christmas Devotional from Chaplain Chris Linzey

Advent is a five-part Christmas devotional from Chaplain Chris Linzey. To download, click here.

Let’s face it, we live in a love-saturated culture. Everywhere you turn you see television shows, movies, magazines, books, and other products all designed to get us to buy/watch/read by appealing to our desire to tap into love. It’s especially bad in our music. While I don’t have the exact number, the great majority of songs on the radio have to do with some aspect of love.

But when it comes to love, this world has the wrong perspective. Most of the ‘love’ in this world comes down to ‘what you do for me’—it’s about how you make me feel. Because of this erroneous view, the emotional connections we have make it too easy to move on. When I don’t feel love for you I’m gonna walk away.

But real love doesn’t move on in difficult moments—it holds on and fights for the ‘other.'”

About the author: Chris Linzey is husband to Tené, father to the three most beautiful children in the world, movie addict (seriously, if it’s on a screen he’ll watch it—doesn’t matter how crummy or low-budget), and a Navy Chaplain. Chris has a deep desire to help people live lives of faith where the Bible is more than mere words on a page, but the way we live everyday. His undergrad and Master’s studies were in Biblical Studies and he focused on the New Testament (his mentor was a Gospel of Mark scholar). He went on to get a Master of Divinity (MDiv) in Pastoral Preaching. Follow him at @chrislinzey.

Download Advent: A Five-Part Christmas Devotional.