Three SMASHing Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Hulk SMASH Average Gift Ideas!!

This Sunday is Father’s day!! It’s time to come up with a gift that says “thanks” for all the love and support dad has given over the years. You know what’s weird though? All the gifts that are marketed at this time of year are gifts that will say, “Dad, you got more work to do.” Take a second and look at the types of gifts that are being marketed: tool sets, drills, car maintenance kits, and gift cards to home improvement stores. Can you imagine buying a gift like that for mom on Mother’s day?!

Hey mom, thanks for all you’ve done, here’s some laundry detergent! Mom, I love you, so I got you a new vacuum cleaner! Hey mom, I know how much you like to clean, so I got you a new set of sponges, a mop and some new cleaning supplies! Unless you want to get SMASHed you better keep away from those types of gifts on Mothers’ Day.

Hulk says, SMASH those kinds of gifts for Fathers’ Day too. Yes, dads have a love for tools and working around the house, but let’s save those gifts for another day, for which you can use your Home Depot promo code so you can save some money whilst helping him get new equipment – when it’s needed! We don’t want to honor all the work our fathers do for us by giving them more work to do. No! Hulk has some better ideas.

SMASHing Gift Idea #1 – Make Less Work, Not More

Take ten minutes and write down all the things that dad does around the house. Take particular note of the things that you know he doesn’t like doing. Your list may include car repairs, small home repairs, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, taking out the trash, cooking, washing the dishes, etc.

Now…do what’s on the list for him! Don’t do a crappy job either. We all know that if we try to help dad and do a terrible job he’s just going to go back and do it himself. If you don’t think you can do the job at a level that dad will accept, then hire a professional to do it. Whether it’s plumbing, basic car work, or lawn care, there are professionals out there who do these things for a living. Rather than spending $100 bucks on a tool set, drop that money into something that will take a load off of dad’s back.

SMASHing Gift Idea #2 – Replace Work With Play

If you can combine Gift Idea #1 with Gift Idea #2, you’ll really knock it out of the park this Father’s Day. Gift Idea #2 is giving dad something that he really enjoys doing. A round of golf, a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant, or whatever your dad loves to do. Free up his weekend by taking some of his usual “around the house” work away, and then give him something fun to do. This fun can even include gifting him few tips for diy dent removal for his car (if the vehicle has dents), tickets to his favorite show, or even arranging a day out with his friends.

Else, here’s another brief example to consider: Let’s say dad spends Saturday mornings caring for the lawn. He mows, trims the edges, and weeds the garden. How about this Fathers’ Day you tell him you’re going to take care of everything on Saturday, and he’s going to go golfing (or whatever he enjoys). Trust me, this will brighten his day and he’ll be able to enjoy his round of golf without worrying about all the work that needs to get done.

SMASHing Gift Idea #3 – Remember All He’s Done…and Say Thanks!

This last one is for those of us who don’t make a big deal out of Fathers Day, or who may not have a lot of resources to put together for an expensive gift. This might sound quite cheesy but you could let your father know that he has been the guiding light in your life by gifting him something similar to a neon sign (for more info, visit He could then hang it anywhere around the house and be the proud father!

Let’s be honest, fathers can be kind of fickle. They often have a very unique way of demonstrating their love that often goes completely unnoticed. Hence, now is the time to make them feel loved by gifting them something unique such as a stunning, rosewood watch. This could represent how much you cherish the time you spent with them and hope to spend more of it with them in the future.
It could also be an expression of gratitude for whatever they’ve done for you in the past by devoting their valuable time to you.

My last suggestion is to take a few minutes and watch the music video below. The song may not exactly embody your father, but I suspect that most will resonate with the gist of the song. I’m sure your dad, like mine, finds his own special way to say, “I love you.” Watch the video, then take some time this Father’s Day to thank your dad for all the subtle ways that he says “I love you.”

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