Marriage, Kids, and…Dr. Phil ?

I’m sitting with my two-year-old when he asks me, “What’s my daddy’s name?” I realized at this moment how fragile, yet powerful a child’s mind is. I could tell him anything and he, without a doubt would believe me. He values and trust the words I speak to him.

So I spoke to him about the wonderful man his daddy is.

I want to stress the importance of speaking positively about your spouse to your children.

Our restless (sick) one-year-old flipped around our bed. He was screaming so loud, clearly uncomfortable… For the third night in a row. Frustration grew, my husband and I were both so tired. We caught ourselves snapping at one another, clearly frustrated about the situation.

Ever been there?

The next morning we talked about what had happened. Both apologetic. Arguing was something we both agree should never happen in front of kids. We choose daily for our kids to have to see our marriage for what it truly is. Not for a silly moment when frustration wins. It’s hard at times, but so worth the impact.

“You have a choice: either vent your impulse or love your children. Those are mutually exclusive. When you fight in front of your kids, you are putting your need to explode ahead of your kids’ best interest and peace of mind.”
-Dr. Phil

I believe in the same sense the words you speak of your spouse, no matter what the situation, truly impact your child’s life.

Always make respecting your husband a priority in front of your kids.

You are raising men and women.

Moms—don’t you want your sons growing up to be respected by his wife?

Dads—don’t you want your daughters growing up to be loved by their husband?

Set the example.

Not just with kids, respect your spouse in front of their friends and family too.

The lasting impression this will have on your marriage is irreplaceable.

Today, I challenge you to take a moment of frustration, and so speak life into your marriage.

Until next time!

Kristen Jeffries
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