1,440 – Know the Value!

1,440 minutes are given to each person daily, to be divided amongst all the day requires of us. When written in the thousands, it seems as though we have all the time in the world, yet our day-to-day proves otherwise.

Time is the most valuable thing on earth. The worst thing on earth? The loss of time—something you can lose and never get back. Moments gone in an instant! Have you ever given attention to someone who has just lost a loved one? The first thing they want back is time. Our hearts ache and long for one more moment—just one more moment with our lost loved one. So dedicate yourself to embrace every moment possible with the ones you love. You never get this time back.

It is so easy to get caught up in our “to dos.” The truth is, sometimes, it’s easier—it’s easier to keep ourselves so busy than to make ourselves vulnerable with those whom we love. For whatever reason, it just is. These are moments passing, we will never see again.

Eventually, the kids will grow older, the house will remain spotless. Dinner will be simpler and piles of laundry shorter.

What then?

Will you know how to communicate with your spouse?

Will there be too much time lost?

Will you still be in love ?

Date your husband now—keep your love alive!

Time is so precious. Everything exists because of it.

Think about the time you first fell in love with your husband. Think about the effect time has had on that love—all the joys that love has brought, all its sadness. Think of the success time has given, also it’s failures. Everything changes in time—everything.

Today I want to challenge you to take time to reflect on that moment your life changed. Take 100 minutes of your 1,440 today and share something with your spouse. Anything.

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Kristen Jeffries

Kristen Jeffries
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  1. Thank you Jennifer, if there had ever been a lesson to learn its to value every moment. Things pass away, time included. You can never get it back, as much as I wish we could. I love you girly, thankful to have had you in my life for well.. Our whole lives 🙂

  2. As a long time friend, this made me think of our lost loved ones. Your dad and my mom. How I know they are proud of us, but yet it still hurts. That goes to show, you just never know when it’s “your time”. Thank you for writing and sharing this, as this is so true and I hope many others, like myself, take time to tell others (even if they haven’t seen them in years) how much they care. Love ya girl!! So proud of you and am blessed to know you.

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1,440 minutes are given to each person daily, to be divided amongst all the day

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1,440 minutes are given to each person daily, to be divided amongst all the day