Let’s Talk Theolitics with Jeremy Lundmark: Rand Paul’s 4.5 Billion Year Mistake
I like Rand Paul. This isn’t a hit piece. I’m a real voter who will vote in the Pennsylvania primary and general elections. That being said…

Ask Dr. Fraser with Ryan Fraser: Negative Nelly Meets Bitter Betty
Chronic negativity and bitterness are like malignant tumors that grow out of control—their cancerous cells metastasizing throughout our whole being and infiltrating our very souls. They can also poison those around us…

Forward Progress with Tim Hiller: The Best Leader You’ve Never Heard Of
Meet Nick Johnson. He’s probably one of the best leaders you’ve never heard of.

CD SPEAK UP with Scott McCausey: When Drug Addiction Blows Up Your Sister’s House with Jenny Reese Clark on Speak UP
Jenny Reese Clark is a living testimony of what true faith in Jesus Christ can bring.  As a multiple felon of various drug charges, including Unlawful Manufacturing of Methamphetamines, Jenny is no stranger to breaking the rules and suffering the consequences.

Come, Let us Reason with Elijah Thompson: How to Dismantle Christianity
Have you ever wanted a good, solid conversation starter? A conversation starter that allowed you to bypass all of the uncomfortable small-talk and got you right into the meat of a discussion about deep stuff? Stuff so deep it’ll make your average fishing or workout buddy uncomfortable?

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Churches with John Snyder: Healthy Churches: A Defective View of Evil
The church today doesn’t really understand what evil is, what it does, and what can be done about it. Its grossly defective view of evil, when applied to the current problems of the church, leads it too often to decisions and actions that are misguided and ineffectual—things harmful to leadership health.

Christ in Culture with Chris Linzey: Hello—Seeing Christ in Adele
It’s difficult to go anywhere and not hear Adele. She’s everywhere. The other night my wife and I saw a Target commercial that was simply 60 seconds of the newest Adele music video. Her new hit that’s taking the world by storm is “Hello.”

Let’s Talk Dementia with Carol Howell: Remembering No More: A Story of Change – Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas Alzheimer’s Special