Episode 53 – Happy Ranting, Trump’s VP Pick, Republican Convention, Cruz Epic Speech, Policing Ideology, and Police Shootings

We kick Episode 53 off explaining how to win a copy of “Sermons of Jonathan Edwards.” Share this episode intentionally up to five times with friends or family, send me a screenshot, and I’ll enter you (and the person you shared it with) into a drawing for Episode 54.

Next, I discuss a recent conversation on the Happy Rant podcast where they asked some funny and serious questions about the Calvinist anon universe. Having interviewed close to a dozen different anonymous individuals, I felt the need and responsibility to help answer some of their questions, and direct them to some of my #Uncredible interviews to allow the Anons to speak for themselves.

Following this, I dive into three reasons why I think Donald Trump selected Governor Mike Pence to be his Vice Presidential candidate, and why I think the selection was important, but it should be a little concerning for conservatives in general.

We jump from Trump’s VP pick to the Republican National Convention where Melania Trump’s plagiarism and Cruz’s non-endorsement took center stage. While I agree it appeared as though Melania lifted portions of Michelle Obama’s speech, I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal considering all the things that are going on in this world. I also give Ted Cruz two thumbs up for his brilliant speech that left the RNC booing and cheering for a man who sold out to liberty, rather than the Republican’s nominee for President.

We move from the RNC to the terrorist attacks in Nice, France and Munich. I discuss my concerns with Fox News’ call for ideological policing of Muslims and mosques, and remind listeners that a government that can police an ideology will soon be policing your ideology.

Finally, I turn my attention to the tragic events which have taken place in Dallas and Baton Rouge over the last few weeks where Law Enforcement agents became the targets of shooters. I note my frustration with Fox News’ indifference to police shootings of African Americans compared to their outrage regarding these recent shootings. The sentiment should be the same for both, but in the case of many people, and Fox News’ pundits specifically, it’s okay to downplay shootings when police officers are the pulling the trigger, but there’s nothing but outrage when the rolls are reversed.

Ultimately, it is the Gospel alone that can solve our problems. The responsibility of sending that message to the world has been given to the local church. Our world will not stop spiraling out of control until that Gospel is preached and fills the hearts and minds of the nation.

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