Episode 52: John Snyder on Dealing with “Biting Sheep” and Church Discipline

Episode 52: John Snyder on Troublesome Personalities, Manipulative Prayer, Shadow Governments, Super Elders, and Executing Church Discipline


These Sheep Bite | Church DisciplinePastor and author Dr. John I Snyder joins After the Sermon in Episode 52. John is the author of These Sheep Bite: A Fearless Guide to Church Leadership. John and I kick things off by discussing some of the general struggles that pastors face and the impossibility of pleasing everyone, even though everyone expects the pastor to meet their expectation of “Pastor.”

Next, we look at some of the troublesome personalities and strategies that are used in church. For example, we discuss the ways in which people can use prayer and “God’s voice” to dictate to the leadership the direction of the church. John gives some very helpful advice on how to handle these difficult situations and come out of the other side with a minimal amount of “Sheep Bites.”

We also discuss the way “shadow governments and super elders” emerge, how they can be damaging to the body, and how to move the church away from unbiblical and, sometimes illegal, leadership structures.

Finally, I ask John to talk to the young pastor heading into ministry, or the minister who is facing discipline issues. How can that minister begin to steer the church on track? How does that pastor execute discipline without giving in to the temptation of getting his own revenge? How does this elder unify the church and move to a healthier, more biblical approach to church?

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