The Importance to Understand Personality Traits with Linda Gilden on Speak UP!

Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! when host Scott McCausey brings Linda Gilden to the show.

Linda Gilden is an experienced writer, speaker, editor, writing coach, and Certified Personality Trainer. Author of the popular Love Notes series, she is also the author of Mommy Pick-Me-Ups, Mama Was the Queen of Christmas, Personality Perspectives – Clues to Building Better Relationships, Called to Write, and many ghostwritten books. Her latest book is called, Why You Do What You Do – Your Personality is the Key. With over a thousand magazine articles to her credit, she is a prolific writer who loves to share a great story. She speaks nationally many times throughout the year, is a frequent radio and television guest, and welcomes the opportunity to help others become better communicators. She is also the director of the Carolina Christian Writers Conference.


Photo via Linda Gilden

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