What’s In A Name?

little-hope-churchIn conversation recently with a fellow church planter, I took a few seconds to riff on the faddish naming of new churches these days—you know, the usually one-word “cool-sounding” things we call our churches now: Activate Church, Elevation Church, Journey Church, Soul Church, and so on.

As a writer, of course, I think words and names are important. I’m not knocking sharp branding (okay, maybe just a little bit…the “trendiness” of our efforts, maybe). But it got me to thinking, which is always dangerous.

What church name might appeal to me (not that I am—or should be—anybody’s demographic)? But as someone who has been a Christ-follower for decades, and been a part of numerous churches and even helped to plant one, would any name make me sit up and take notice and actually think, “I’d like to try that” or “I want to go to that church?”

I came up with a few:

Serve Church
Church Around the Table
Church Outdoors
Messy Church
Blues Church (I like the Blues, okay?)
House for All Sinners and Saints (that one actually exists)
Donut Church (okay, that may not be totally serious. Then again…)

I’m not saying any of these would be appealing to anyone else, I’m just saying they would intrigue me.

What about you? In an age of “This Church” and “That Church,” what would actually capture your notice and imagination?


Photo by Francis Storr via Flickr

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