Episode 47 – Divorce and Remarriage with Calvinist Darth Vader


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In this episode of After the Sermon, we welcome Calvinist Darth Vader to the #Uncredible segment to discuss divorce and remarriage from the perspective of a man who has been divorced and remarried.

We start out by simply outlining where the Bible says divorce may be allowable. We clarify that although it’s “allowable,” it’s not necessary and it’s certainly not to be looked at as an exit strategy.

Next, we hear Vader’s story of struggle through divorce and how badly he needed to have elders around him to turn to. Instead, he went to a lawyer. We also see the damaging affects not only on him and his former wife’s life, but his kids, the church, and the girls he dated right after the divorce.

We follow that up by talking about dating and how to avoid getting into a marriage relationship that is doomed to fail before it begins. Are there things we can look for or attitudes we can have before going into marriage that will prepare us for this life-long covenant?

Next, we look at our different views of when/if remarriage is allowable. Vader takes the position that if divorce is allowable, remarriage is as well. Jeremy takes the view that while there are situations when divorce is allowable, the places where remarriage is allowable seem fewer and far between.

Also, Jeremy answers a question that often gets hurled at those who say remarriage is not allowable: What do you say to those who are remarried? Should they divorce? Is it a perpetual state of sin? We look at Joshua 9 and show that God expects even “bad” covenants to be honored.

Finally, we close with some advice for those who are married and may be struggling in marriage. Vader gives some advice to strengthen and encourage you in that situation.

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