In Episode 38, we kick things of with an appetizer regarding the nationally televised debate for the Libertarian party. This may provide viable alternative options to those who are disappointed with the possibility of a Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump presidency.

Next, we take a look at a long standing discussion related to the Second, Third, and Fourth Commandments. Specifically, pointing out the inconsistencies and the condescension that often flows out of those who hold to a strict adherence to these commandments. While their desire to reverence God is commendable, they often betray that desire with poor treatment of the people of God. Further, we note that the inconsistency in application and the challenges related to the hypostatic union create even more challenges for those holding to this view.

In our #Uncredible segment, I talk with Elijiah Thompson about how to deal with internet trolls, and how not to become one yourself. We also promo the launch of his new podcast called “The Fetal Position.”

Links from Episode 38

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R.C. Sproul and Robert Godfrey Q/A at Ligonier Conference (Jump to 48:17)
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