After the Sermon: Episode 05 – Ashley Madison, Abortion Outrage, Judging Judgers, 10 Minute Bible Hour, and Being Thought Hateful



In Episode 05 we dig into a brief discussion on the Ashley Madison hack and its over 30 million users. Maybe it’s time for repentance?

From there we move to a brief discussion about the hurt and frustration that emerges when business creeps into the church world. It seems the larger an organization gets the more likely it is to dismiss everyday people that don’t advance (financially) their cause. If a person doesn’t affect the bottom line they need to shut up, stop being divisive, and buy their products so they can learn to be more like them.

After taking care of some house cleaning items, we discuss our opening clip of the week from a sermon I preach last Sunday evening on Judges 19. Do you know the importance of King Saul’s being a Benjamite from Gibeah? If not, you’ll want to hear this.

For our main course, we have two topics! First, we discuss the manufactured outrage that has developed over the Planned Parenthood videos that have senior executives cavalierly discussing the sale of human fetal tissue. Find out why I think this outrage is “manufactured” and what will convince me of the contrary.

Second, we discuss the issue of Judges Judging Judgers for Judging. It’s a tongue twister for sure but it happens all the time. Can we just stop saying that Christians judging Christians is wrong? Matthew 7 doesn’t teach that we should not judge and the Bible seems to be pretty clear that Christians are, in fact, to judge as they watch out for each other.

Next we turn our attention to the podcast world and look at Matt Whitman’s 10-Minute Bible hour videos. These are pretty well produced and although they are usually more like 15 minutes, they’re great little resources for teaching teens and even adults who may not be familiar with the Bibles content.

Finally, we turn to the podcast world where we talk about R. C. Sproul’s recent visit to “Calvinist Batman and Friends.” I also share a clip from Pastor Jeremy Sarber’s podcast “” which really hit home for me last week at work.

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