Carol Howell is a Certified Dementia Specialist and Endorsed Life Coach with an emphasis on Music Therapy. After her husband’s brain injury in 1992 and her mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in 2006, Carol felt the need to learn about the brain. As her knowledge increased, she became more intrigued and determined to become an equipped and prepared caregiver. Her company, Senior Life Journeys, was born from this desire to learn and help others.

Carol is the author of If My Body Is A Temple, Why Am I Eating Doughnuts? It tells of the amazing miracle that helped her lose 100 pounds. The book is written with the humor and sincerity Carol is known to display in her own life.

Carol also authored Let’s Talk Dementia—A Caretaker’s Guide. This easy-to-read book is full of helpful tips for caregiving, information about dementia, and 23 SMILES that will brighten your day.

Carol resides in South Carolina with her husband, Michael, and they are the proud parents of a daughter who is a physician assistant in Florida. Discover more about her life at