For this special Reformation Day episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Marcus Pittman of Apologia Studios. We abandon our typical format and discuss all things Apologia with Marcus Pittman.

At the outset, I share a clip from Ligonier’s Dramatic Reading.

Specifically, we trace Marcus’ journey to Apologia Studios and the road to the “Babies Are Murdered Here.” Much of our conversation centers around the expansion of Apologia Church’s abortion clinic ministry called “The Red Door Ministry.” As Apologia continues to grow exponentially, they look ahead to providing resources for local church leaders to begin developing abortion clinic ministries in their communities.

Along the way, we discuss the importance and value of the authority of the local church in overseeing all ministries. Apologia Church is setting an excellent example in this with all their new media ministries.

We also talk about the impotence of government policies to change hearts from the outside, in comparison to the potency of the Gospel to change people from the inside out. We cover the importance of the church to lead in the area of new mediums such as podcasts, youtube video, and even television and radio. Historically the church has set the standard in these areas and Apologia is working hard to get back to the head of the pack in this area.

Finally, we get a full rundown of all the ministries that Apologia Church is involved with. Be sure to check out all the links below and help further the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria

Links from Episode 20