Karen Nolan Bell, an award-winning writer of fiction and memoir, writes as Karen Lynn Nolan. Her debut novel, Above the Fog, releases in November 2018. Karen’s stories appear in the anthologies, Stupid Moments, Merry Christmas Moments, and soon-to-be-released Coola-nary Moments. Her other loves include music, theater, art, reading mysteries, and being pampered by her only son. She resides in Atlanta. Contact Karen at karennolanbell@gmail.com or on Twitter @KarenNolanBell

Writes Karen Bell: My goal in life was to become the kind of person who, instead of being judged by my shortcomings, would be loved by my family and friends, and to make a difference in the lives of people who struggle like me. I never knew that dream would lead me through a lifetime of adventure, struggles, challenges, and achievements beyond my imaginings. Through music, art, photography, writing and acting, God took the lumps of coal from my coal bucket of life and squeezed them with His power until the coal became diamonds of the purest and rarest quality.

Read more about Karen on her blog: www.diamondsinmycoalbucket.blogspot.com.