Dear Suffering Christian,

I cannot know the depths of your troubles. Even if I were to know all the details of them, I am but a finite creature and thus unable by my nature to fully understand your troubles or sympathize with them rightly. But thanks be to God that there is One who is able to do so to the uttermost! However, I will attempt to use whatever feeble gifts I have to, I hope, help you remember some simple facts that apply to you as one adopted by God through the blood of Christ.

Are you troubled by anxieties and fears? You have a Father who clothes the fields in wildflowers and cares to know where the smallest bird falls. He cares far more about you his child, than birds or fields.

Are you troubled by temptations that surround you? Christ is One who was tempted by the devil himself, acquainted with temptation far more than either of us could fathom—Christ is your High Priest whom sympathizes with you in your weakness.

Do you think your efforts are of no value and unrecognized? My friend, if they are done in faith, your Father in heaven who sees it, will not hesitate to honor your efforts on the Last Day.

Are you betrayed and forsaken? Christ was betrayed by a kiss and forsaken by those closest to him.

Does sadness or loneliness seem to be your only companion? Your Father knows your smallest tear and sigh, and his Spirit resides in you.

Do those around you slander or mock you? Both were done to Christ.

Do you feel as a stranger or an alien? Christ was one who left the courts of heaven to suffer as such a one, so that you will one day be home.

Do you suffer because of an injustice of some kind? Christ suffered at the hands of evil and hateful men.

Do you doubt that God is good? Your Father sent his Son to die in your place. It is foolish to doubt his goodness and his love for you—do not entertain such thoughts for a moment.

I name but a few reasons why you might be troubled. My Friend, whatever your circumstances, cling to Christ and his work! Consider the benevolence of your Father in heaven, that which only seems hidden because we take so much for granted. Look to the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit for comfort! Do not look through the eyes of one without faith at what is happening or has happened to you for that will only lead to despair.

My Friend, I urge you, as you look at your situation, look at things with the eyes of faith that see behind events only the hand of a loving and mighty Father. And do not forget what Scripture tells you about who you are in Christ. Amen.

Photo by muffinbasket via Flickr