A Forgotten Father’s Three-Hundred-Year-Long Legacy

In this message ThM author Jeremy Lundmark addresses fathers from the text, Jeremiah 35:1-19. In Jeremiah 35, we come across a father, Jonadab, who told his kids, the Rechabites, not to drink wine (among other things). Jonadab was the son of Rechab who, incidentally, was beheaded by King David for decapitating Saul’s successor Ishbosheth (see 2 Sam. 4). Jonadab (or Jehonadab) was a contemporary of King Jehu and helped him eliminate Baal worship in the land (see 2 Kings 10).

In Jeremiah’s day, roughly 300 years later, God commands the prophet to go to the Rechabites and offer them wine. So Jeremiah does as he was commanded at the Rechabites and refuses to drink the wine. Why? Because Jonadab, their father, said not to. Jonadab left a three-hundred year long legacy to his children not to drink wine, and to dwell in tents. After his death, his kids just kept obeying his word.

This real life illustration was used by God to point out the lack of appreciation and respect that the people of Judah had for God and His prophets. While Jonadab spoke three hundred years ago, and was still obeyed, God was speaking right then, and they didn’t want to hear it.

Dads… What legacy are you passing on to your children? What legacy can you pass on to them that will be a blessing to their children’s, children’s, children’s, children’s, children’s, children’s, children’s, children?