A Shepherd’s Lament

Lord, bend your ear to hear my prayer,
Stoop down low and attend to the voice of your servant

Why do we labor in vain?
Why are our hearts poured out onto the dust?
Why do we spend ourselves all day long for your sheep?

Do you not see? Are you so far off,
that the words that we preach have no affect?

Is the Spirit too busy to attend to his Word?
For what cause are our souls afflicted?

Is it us? Have you not called us to this labor?
Is it them? Are none of them your sheep?

Thunder from Sinai Lord!
Let the Word penetrate the souls of your elect.

Break me, oh God, that I may be used in your service,
Like a wave washes over the deep, so move in your people

Cause them, by the power of your word, to rise,
Like the armies of old, to stand and go to war for your name’s sake

Will you hear my petition?
You hear.

Do you know the longings of my heart?
You know.

Have you an answer for my prayer?
You have Answered!

Your Word does not return void.
It has its perfect result in due season.

I will rest in You, for you have answered my prayer,
You alone can hear and answer.

My soul will praise your glorious name,
For you, alone, are God.

A Prayer for Your Pastor

“Lord, today I life up a prayer for all those who faithfully shepherd the flock of Christ. Most of them labor and toil night and day as Paul did. I know many of them are overloaded with burdens, expectations, and responsibilities that overwhelm them day in and day out. I pray that you will help them to see your glory in the ordinary and the mundane. Open their eyes to the small things you are doing in them, in their spouses, in their children, and in their flock. Tune their hearts to see your grace. Blind them, Lord, from their failures, guard them against needless criticism, and put a hedge around their hearts that they may be consumed with a love for Christ. Finally, I pray for those they shepherd, that you would give them an acute awareness of all that their pastor does for them. Let them weep for his trials, as he weeps no doubt weeps for theirs.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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