In Episode 16, we catch up on what’s been going on in my personal life including my internet woes.

We also discuss Creflo Dollar’s tweet and talk about a great music video from IV Connerly called “What Am I to Do?”

For another appetizer, we talk about the importance of emphasizing Christ as both Lion and Lamb.

For our final appetizer, I discuss Sean Scott’s fundraiser to help get him to go to school to become a worship leader.

For our Podcast focus, we take a look at a fairly new Podcast called “Tech Reformation.” We also discuss what I consider to be the best Church History overviews available in audio format online.

In our Theology Mix feature, we discuss Chris Linzey’s recent Article “I’m not Judging You, Jesus Is.”

For our main topic, we discuss the importance of proper exegesis and how eisegesis may lead to true application, but not necessarily biblically faithful exegesis.

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