Your 100 Day Prayer: Day 34 – All of Creation

The creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. -Romans 8:21

Isaiah talked about the new heaven and new earth. Paul describes it as the liberation—the freeing from bondage—of all creation. Dr. Snyder explains further:

“Think about it this way: God has fixed a day on his calendar when he will speak the word of creation once again and recall into existence every person who loves his kingdom, and everything he ever created, to live forever on his new physical, full-color, immortal earth. All evil and evil people or spirits, all death and decay, all pollution, war, deceit, enmity, hatred, lust, greed, or anything else that dishonors God will be permanently removed, forever. Everything that is good about this world will be there, and everything bad will not.

In the meantime, nothing we do in moving toward that goal will be a waste of time (1 Cor.15-58). Absolutely nothing, either great or small—if it is in accordance with his will—will be in vain in preparing for the great conclusion of history. No prayer to God or effort for him will ever be a waste of time. With that in mind, let’s keep focused in prayer and press forward to the goal, forgetting past regrets or negativity that try to keep us down. And let’s do what’s in front of us to do with faithfulness and integrity. It will count in God’s eyes.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: As you pray for your temporal need today, keep your mind fixed on the end of the game. It’s beyond even your best attempt to imagine it. It will keep you moving forward. It’s real, and it’s just ahead.

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