#KnowYourAnon: Questioning the Hulk

Hulk SMASH bad theology!!! But why? Here are answers to some common questions about @HulkCalvinist.

1. Hulk, why did you start a Twitter account?

My “Hulk Journey” began when I started noticing that “anons” seemed to be having deeper, and more personal, theological discussions than what I refer to as “reals.” I would scroll through my “real” account and notice that men I considered to be theological heroes, were not actually engaging on Twitter. It looked to me like they were just firing out automated tweets for discussions they were not actually a part of. I also noticed guys like @CalvinistBatman were having some really interesting discussions and were really engaging people on Twitter. In a weird sort of way, they were the real super theologians, and the “reals” were the fakes wearing a Twitter mask.

2. Hulk, why do you speak in full sentences?

Remember, I’m not just “the Hulk.” I’m a Hulk Calvinist. What I find fascinating is that a lot of people ask me why Hulk is using full sentences but they never explain why they think a Calvinist shouldn’t. So, why does the Hulk write in full sentences? Because he’s a Calvinist.

3. Hulk, what’s a #SMASHtag?

When normal people use the # symbol on Twitter it’s call a hashtag. Whenever I use it it’s a #SmashTag. Why? Because… HULK SMASH!!!! Check below for some of my epic SmashTags from the past…

4. Hulk, why do anons hide behind fake accounts?

Careful, you’re going to make Hulk angry! Seriously though, most of us aren’t hiding. I’d give three basic reasons why I love being the “Hulk.” First, Hulk connects with people. One of the most fascinating things about being the Hulk, is that people confide in the Hulk with some pretty heavy stuff. (Maybe it’s because Hulk is so strong.) I would never divulge details, but my “real” account rarely ever has any sincere direct messages. However, on numerous occasions I have had people DM me and ask me very personal questions about their lives. I’m not sure why, but I would never give those opportunities up.

Second, people don’t take Hulk that seriously. I can end most debates and discussions by simply using a Hulkism. It reminds people that we’re just having fun even if we’ve been SMASHING each other for 100 tweets. Somehow, the anon takes the edge of and makes it less personal.

Third, like a real superhero, having an anon account accents some aspect of our personality that we may not be able to express with our “real” account for whatever reason. This isn’t hiding, this is actually being who we really are. I’ve often said that I would not take back a single tweet if the world found out who Hulk was (it may or may not be John Piper ;-)). I’m certainly not hiding and I don’t think most anons are. I think they’re enjoying the satire of taking an aspect of who they are, and magnifying it to a humorous level. A level, it seems, that a lot of people can connect with.

5. Hulk, what has been your favorite Twitter interaction as Hulk?

I took the time to dig up some of my favorite tweet interactions and I have to say, for me, the most memorable and fun were #BibleVideoGame, #HulkBibleMoments, and #IfPastorsCouldPunch. For those who have followed Hulk for a while you’ll remember those. I may resurrect them in the near future but here’s a taste of a few…





6. Hulk, Why Did You Join TheologyMix.com?

After a month or two of being the Hulk, I began noticing more and more anons creating blogs and podcasts. I thought about starting a “Hulk Blog” or “Hulk Cast” but I didn’t think I could produce enough unique and quality content to keep it interesting. Then Calvinist Wonder Woman (@CalvnWndrWoman) DMed me about this project. TheologyMix.com is like an Avengers or Justice League of Christian Theology.

7. Hulk, who is your favorite theologian, past and present?

My favorite theologian of the past is Jonathan Edwards. His writings are hard to get through but so worth it. I can remember time and again reading a page or two of his works and just sitting back and going, “Woah.” He’s simply…incredible. My favorite present theologian is Dr. R. C. Sproul. Although, Dr. John Gerstner is sort of wrapped up into that. These two combined helped me to understand Calvinist soteriology and move away from dispensationalism which I was taught throughout my college years.

8. Hulk, what is your favorite food?

Fresh Bear meat.

9. Hulk, Is Bruce Banner a Calvinist or an Arminian?

Great question. Bruce and I have a tenuous relationship but this tweet might help…

10. Hulk, _________________________?

What Question would you ask The Calvinist Hulk? Post your questions in the comment section below and maybe Hulk will write a post answering your questions!

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  1. Great pt!
    We really are not hiding. I probably wouldn’t even call my account a parody b/c they are 100% my real life views

    Oh a question…
    Are you & @MrUniversalism the same person?
    Irresistable grace & all

    1. No. I am most certainly not @MrUniversalism. His theology is so terrible I couldn’t even pretend to play that part.

      However, I do wonder if he is not just the logically consistent version of @ArminianSupes. Universal Atonement and all.

  2. I feel the same way. I’m not hiding with this account, some people knew who I was from the beginning. And others I’ve just become really great friends with so we each know one another. I totally agree that church Husher is more the real me, than my real account.

    1. There is only one person who actually knows me in person and as the Hulk. A few people who know the Hulk, have made the connection to my real but we’ve never “really” met (at least not yet 😉 ).

      Why do you suppose it’s easier to be who we really are as anons? That’s something that still perplexes me.

      The weird irony is that by putting on “the mask” we don’t become someone else, we become ourselves. Reminds me of this epic scene from the movie “the mask” http://youtu.be/n7C6Bx0OwUk

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