Dear Pro-Lifers, Quit Apologizing…

The shooting that left three dead and several wounded in Colorado Springs on Friday is no doubt horrific. Vigilante behavior such as this should be rejected by everyone in the country. But if you think that pro-life advocates have a responsibility to apologize for and condemn this shooting more than anyone else—you are mistaken.

For decades, abortion providers and their followers have gotten away with more than 50 million murders.

50 million.

Furthermore, abortion providers have consistently lobbied against any laws and regulations that would tighten restrictions on the killing of the unborn.

In case you had your head stuffed in dark places for the last six months, Planned Parenthood was caught red-handed committing yet another crime in the form of selling off baby parts for profit. What is so vile about these numerous engagements caught on video is that Planned Parenthood had the audacity to question the legality of the videos the Center for Medical Progress provided—the organization who caught them in their crimes. Truly despicable.

No doubt Planned Parenthood has already tried to blame Friday’s shooting on David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress. Why? Because they are absolutely despicable.

And you wonder why people like Robert Lewis Dear (who is already a known nut job) get so enraged and decide to go on shooting sprees at local abortion clinics? It’s not the pro-life community that’s to blame—it’s Planned Parenthood that can absorb all the blame for this one. Why? Because Planned Parenthood has sought to have criminal investigations launched against those who have done nothing but expose what a vile organization they are.

It’s not enough for Planned Parenthood that they have free rein to kill the most innocent in society—they also want their cake and to eat it, too. They want to stifle any dissent that comes their way and question the legality of claims made by dissenting citizens when their secret sins—such as selling baby parts—have found them out.

In Robert Dear’s own words: “No more baby parts.” It should be telling that someone as morally corrupt as Dear—who killed three people and wounded several others—has the moral compass to recognize Planned Parenthood as pure evil. Let’s be honest, Dear didn’t shoot at police because he hated law enforcement. He shot at police because they were jeopardizing his mission to destroy what he thought was pure evil.

Sure, we label Dear as the crazed lunatic who committed a horrible atrocity because he didn’t have the government’s blessing to do what he did (unlike certain abortion providers we know). Of course, abortionists use medical instruments instead of assault rifles and public funding instead of their own funding because their murders have the blessing of the State.

My question to the pro-life community is this: explain why you think it’s your job to come running out of the woodwork, apologizing to the world, because some gunman decides to unload a firearm on the abortion industry? If anything, someone needs to have the guts to point blame toward Planned Parenthood. It’s their lying and deception that caused this latest shooting at one of their clinics.

And if liberals were actually consistent in their views, they would treat this latest act of domestic terrorism just like they treat Islamic terrorism by blaming the rhetoric of the victims instead of the acts of the terrorists. Sound familiar?

As pro-life advocates, we’ve been putting up with the vile habits of Planned Parenthood and Co. for roughly 43 years now. Worse yet, we’ve funded it with our own money. Why in the hell would we offer up apologies to Planned Parenthood when it’s been our money that has been paying their employees’ salaries for years?

Let’s be real. Abortionist killings rarely happen and there is no reason for anyone who is pro-life to go running out into the streets donned in sackcloth and ashes. The simple fact is that it’s more about damage control and political correctness than anything else. We don’t want those pesky liberals trying to point blame our way (as if it were somehow our fault to begin with).

So like good little children, we appear on TV in front of scrutinizing anchors and “condemn” (in the most condemnable way possible) random gunmen who once in a while go around killing abortionists and their clientele. After any and all forms of condemnation have been publicly excreted out of our mouths, the liberal media give their typical hesitant nod of approval releasing us of further liability—at least for the time being.

Stop it already.

If liberals are too ignorant to realize that there is zero connection between pro-life advocates and murderers, then perhaps you should refer them back to their own stance on Islam versus Islamic terrorism.

Abortion doctors, their staff, and those who seek abortions are committing murder in the eyes of many Americans. They are not “innocent,” nor can they be compared to the thousands of Christians in Syria being slaughtered at the hand of Islamic terrorists. Regardless of the laws of the land, the abortion industry walks a fine line between legal and illegal, murders and medical procedures.

Abortionists need to understand that if they want to engage in the act of killing unborn babies, they are going to set some people off at times. Their “right” to kill unborn babies does not mean that they will always be safe in doing so. Baby-killing is a controversial issue, believe it or not, and there are folks out there who become very hostile with those who slaughter the innocent.

Dare I say that anti-abortion “hate speech” will be targeted next on the liberal agenda? Why? Because liberals want to make sure that they are safe to commit every form of evil imaginable without the threat of dissent or violence against them.

Those on the side of the innocent, quit apologizing for things you didn’t do. In fact, now is the time to voice your opposition even more.

Photo by Christian Murdock/The Gazette via AP

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The shooting that left three dead and several wounded in Colorado Springs on

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