field trips

Carol Howell Talks Dementia: Momma and Field Trips

Momma likes field trips, sometimes!

Momma has enjoyed leaving her home and getting out about town. Every trip will cause her to comment,”Things look so different. Has that store always been there?” Sometimes the realization that things look different doesn’t bother her, but sometimes the realization upsets her.

When the realization is upsetting, I will respond, “Momma, every time I leave home I think a new building sprung up overnight, also. Did you know they can build an entire WalMart in about 20 minutes! It’s crazy!” This will cause Momma to giggle, and it points our conversation towards an upbeat and happy ending.

When Momma is enjoying her trip away from home (and they are always short trips with not more than two stops), I absolutely thrive on her happiness. It is so exciting to be with Momma and realize she is having a good day.

Try taking your loved one on short trips about town. Maybe it is just to get coffee or a quick lunch. (Don’t go to a crowded and loud restaurant. That will NOT turn out well.) Maybe it is to pick up flowers and balloons that can be given to someone. This will be a fun trip, and they will be so excited to help someone else.

Whatever you choose to do, be kind, be slow and cautious, don’t offer lots of options, and keep everything lighthearted and happy.

Hope that gives you Something to Ponder.

Photo via Flickr