Walking Dead

The Art of Redemption Ep. 026.3: Zombie Hoards vs. “The Man” – The Zombie Apocalypse Series Part 3

In this episode we are all back together and talk about a particular episode from the Walking Dead in Season 2 where the group has apprehended a straggler from another bigger and more dangerous group. What they do with him and how they handle the decision making of that outcome is very interesting and really reflects a particular worldview.

TO apply this to our lives and current cultural situation, do Zombies apply to the election? Are there worldviews we are using that we use to show that the means will justify the end?

This idea is what we tackle on this episode as we look into the philosophy of Instrumentalism and how that is modeled in The Walking Dead and how we can see this today in our culture and especially in the coming presidential election.

Join us as we discuss this worldview and its application to the TV series and to our lives today. If you enjoy the show please consider sharing us with your friends and giving us a rating and review or chat with us on twitter and Facebook!

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