11 Questions with Calvinist Vader

calvinist-vaderCalvinist Vader: Former Jedi. Former Sith. Now a lover of the Light; Jesus. Husband. Father. Laymen. 5 Solas. 5 Points. Presbie and I treated my children like I treat my cupcakes; Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Sprinkle. (I totally stole that joke from @Arminian?RACCOON)

1. Why did you start a Twitter account?
A. Uh…truth be told…I work for a well-known Christian organization. I want to be myself and talk about certain things without being frowned upon for being, so-called, unprofessional. And I don’t want to feel the need to be a fanboy of the organization on my account simply because of where I work. A lot of my coworkers do that, but I don’t want to. My Anon account gives me that freedom.

2. Who is your favorite theologian, past and/or present?
A. My pastor, but Johnny O and Turretin make my jaw-drop often.

3. What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
A. I graduated from a Word of Faith school a long time ago. 😐 Funny thing is when I started applying for pastoral positions at churches associated with that school they laughed! They didn’t even take the school serious. I’m glad I went though. Their mostly bad theology drove me, by God’s grace, to continue to read and study his Word. Now I slice Word of Faith theology in half with a simply swipe of my new lightsaber (Eph 6:17).

4. What book(s) are you reading?
A. The Person and Work of Christ by B.B. Warfield and Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.

5. What is your pet peeve in church or with Christians?
A. Ugh…that lame two minute period during church when you have to get up and “greet your neighbor.” I want to really know you. I want you to really get to know me. Two minutes isn’t enough for that. Save the ungenuine greeting, go back to your seat, and come over to the house later for dinner where we can really “greet” each other.

6. What’s your favorite Bible verse(s)?
A. What am I? An Arminian? I love them all. (Cheap shot, I know, but a playful one. I know they believe in all of the Scriptures. I love you, Arminians!) All “I see that hand for salvation” jokes aside, I love all the Words my Master has spoken, but my heart beats faster when I read Romans.

7. After a stressful day, what’s your favorite way of relaxing?
A. I love to cook. Transferring my thoughts to a recipe and the timing to get it all done at the same time is, oddly, relaxing. Who’s up for some homemade Pho?

8. Why is it important to study theology?
“Theology is simply that part of religion that requires brains.” – G.K. Chesterton. The unbeliever has a brain too and they use it. Plus…it’s kind of funny how no one, who isn’t a doctor, would talk about brain surgery like they have it all figured out, but ERRBODY wants to talk about God like they have him all figured out. Study so you have a decent grasp on most of it and don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.”

9. What place in the world would you like to visit? Why?
A. I went to Germany before I was Reformed. I stood in historic places like Wurms and Heidelberg, but had no idea what those places would mean to me in three years. So I want to go back with what I know now, and also go to Geneva. Plus…have you had German beer? Fuhgettaboutit.

10. Link us to your go-to song of the moment while driving to Sunday worship—you know, the song that you need/like to hear before you arrive at church?
A. Meh…I don’t need to or like to hear any particular song before church, but this one is a good reminder of why I go to church. It’s that I have and am nothing without the Lord. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiIFO54jJZA

11. Is the church relevant? If yes, what would you consider the best way to reach the unchurched?
A. A couple of months ago, a youth pastor friend of mine made up a ridiculous sign and sermon series title for his youth group. I told him, “Brother…you don’t need those gimmicks. Just preach the Word.” He said, “If I did that, no one would come.” That’s the problem with a lot of Christians today. They say they believe in the power of the Gospel, but they don’t actually believe that it’s powerful in and of itself to change lives!! Want to reach the lost? You don’t need a “Pizza Pig Out Night.” You just need to preach the Word faithful and proclaim the Gospel.

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