Introducing: King’s Highway Radio

It’s finally here!

In the recent Spurgeon Audio episodes, I mentioned this upcoming new podcast. My friend and fellow worker in the faith Jarod Grice sat down with me and we recorded the first episode of King’s Highway Radio, entitled “Power Corrupts.” Our hope is to develop this into a format that lets us have more informal discussions about current events, theological thoughts, good books, as well as hopefully to be joined by guests from time to time. In our first episode, we discuss the recent issues of abuse within the church that have been in the news lately. We’ve seen far too many instances of churches where leaders are using their power not to serve their congregants, but to use it for themselves. Join us as we delve into this tough issue and please consider sharing our new podcast if you enjoy it. For now, this will be shared on the same RSS feed as Spurgeon Audio, so if you are already subscribed you’ll receive these episodes automatically. I’m hoping to eventually create a second feed for it, but for now it will be right here. Please also consider following the podcast’s Twitter feed. If you enjoy what you here, share it with your friends and drop us a line to let us know what you would like to hear us talk about.