Your 100 Day Prayer: Day 10 – Disturbing the Heart of God

“In all their distress he too was distressed, and the angel of his presence saved them. In his love and mercy he redeemed them; he lifted them up and carried them all the days of old.”
-Isaiah 63:9

Have you ever wondered if God really cares about what you are going through? Well, Dr. Snyder makes it clear that God does care—for which I am most grateful.

“God not only knows every thought and emotion, but he actually enters into our own distress with us and feels what we feel. Our distress causes distress in God. Think about it for a moment. The Creator of the universe, a universe too immense even to imagine, is not only aware of our deepest emotion but also feels it with us. Our pain can disturb the heart of God. This point is made clear in Isaiah. The people of Israel richly deserved what they were going through because they had been so disobedient and rebellious, even wicked. They had totally and completely failed to act like God’s people. But he felt no pleasure in punishing them. He was (and still is) like the loving parent who feels the distress of the child under discipline.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: As you pray for your need, keep in the front of your mind that God not only is ever-mindful of your need but also—as the good, patient, and forgiving parent he is—feels your distress.

Photo by Michael Schaffner via Flickr

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