Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.
–Proverbs 16:3

​Does this mean that God will make all our plans succeed? As Dr. Snyder says, that would be chaos! The word that is important in this proverb is “commit.”

Dr. Snyder explains, “…this is a piece of wisdom that encourages us to commit and submit all our business, activities, and plans to God so that if they are good and in line with his highest will, they’ll come to fruition.

“So if you feel that your plans are good and in line with what you think God has led you to do, submit them to him. If after you do, everything seems to fall apart, don’t get discouraged. Wait on him to do something unexpected and far better than you could even imagine. Sometimes you will know immediately how much more blessing there is in his plans for you; sometimes it might take longer. Just don’t give up hope—wait on God. In time (his time) you’ll see it.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: Pray today for the patience to stand firm while it appears that nothing whatsoever is happening in response to your prayers. It’s only appearance.

Photo via Flickr