Your 100 Day Prayer: Day 43 – Live Forever

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
-Romans 10:13

Have you ever had to call a friend or 911 or yell to a lifeguard and ask them to save you? Isn’t it mind-boggling to think that all we have to do to be saved for eternity is just to call upon the name of the Lord?

​Dr. Snyder: “This and other simple straightforward statements end the debate on who will and can be saved for eternal life. Each of the world’s religions has its own version of what salvation is and who can reach it, but Jesus offers the only form of eternal existence really worth talking about: a real physical life on a real physical planet, one that’s been thoroughly purified of any evil or suffering and that’s in every way more than and higher than this present life.​

“All that’s really expected of us to gain eternity is to want it enough to drop all our prideful pretensions and ask for it, to call on the Lord’s name in surrender and gratitude, to receive this wonderful present freely and joyfully, like a child at Christmas. What guarantees our membership in the kingdom of God is God’s mercy and love of granting his gifts to his creatures. Thankfully it’s not up to us. And since it’s not up to us, we can be sure we’re safe.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: Don’t let the thought creep into your mind that you haven’t been good enough lately for God to hear your prayers. Always remember that the same grace that saved you is the same basis on which he answers you.


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