The Art of Redemption Radio Episode 023.3: Mysticism Meets Nature – Mysticism Series, Part 3

In this week’s episode, we are down a man but continue in the series on Eastern Mysticism focusing on the movie Avatarreleased in 2009 (a huge technological advancement in movies as being the first movie to be made specifically for 3D).

As we look into this movie, we reveal the inconsistent ideas of Eastern Mysticism, talk about the supposed balance that is the goal of “Eywa,” the divine one of life in the movie, and how this worldview has to borrow from Total Truth in order to make sense of reality.

These other ideas and worldviews should cause us as believers to consider the greatness of God. They should cause us to worship and glorify him more because of what he has established, put in motion, holds together, and which remains consistent, even though our natural sinful heart tries to reject it.

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