Episode 019: The Walking Dead, Zombies, and Chitchat on a New Format

This week on the podcast, Daniel, Cody, and Roy take on entertainment, the arts, the Zombie apocalypse, and how they really represent the human condition.

In the opening segment, we talk about the current things going on in our lives—like crab cracking, dude-a-muffins, and being a “legalist” motorcycle owner.

We also discuss some changes coming to the podcast in the structure and layout. This new way of doing things will give you weekly episodes rather than bi-weekly, and you can expect to start hearing promos for other podcasts in the network.

And, in the Scintillating Cinema segment, we talk a little about The Walking Dead. This is just a small idea, of which we will be dedicating an entire podcast to in the future, about zombies and how they really reflect our humanity. We also make predictions on how things might shake out and come up with an ending of our own.

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